In 2008, our co-founder Arjun began his journey as a climate action warrior, working as a research assistant at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA. He focused on problem statements related to India's sustainable development and energy efficiency, with a major focus on eliminating the country's electricity deficit. This inspired his determination to eliminate energy wastage in day-to-day processes. Today, Smart Joule's mission is to prevent the release of at least 29 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the Earth's atmosphere by 2030.

Smart Joules is a social enterprise with a mission to make India the world's most energy-efficient country by 2030. We provide retrofits for energy-intensive systems, such as cooling, heating, pumping, ventilation, and lighting, to enhance their overall design and replace old, energy-intensive equipment with high-efficiency models without requiring capital expenditures. Our DeJoule technology platform leverages IoT systems and various sensors to monitor and optimize facility performance in real-time. By taking a comprehensive approach, Smart Joules guarantees significant energy savings compared to historical consumption levels of various facilities. We also offer "as-a-service" solutions for cooling, heating, and compressed air at greenfield sites, where we build, own, operate, and maintain the entire infrastructure and receive monthly payments based on demand and usage.

We are a team of passionate, fun, and rebellious green warriors who develop and implement simple, profitable, and impactful energy-saving solutions for our clients. We thrive on challenges and love the work we do. Adventure is in our DNA, and we are always looking ahead to the next opportunity.

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Welcome to Smart Joules!

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