Efficiency Wisdom

What is the Global Experience with Building Energy Efficiency?

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How Important is Energy Efficiency in India?


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What Are Some Top Examples of Building Energy Efficiency Improvements in India?

Sant Parmanand

  • Smart Joules (2016), “Success Story for Energy Efficiency Improvements at Sant Parmanand Hospital.” Available at Smart Joules website.

Niti Ayog

  • Niti Aayog (2015), “Energy Efficiency Interventions at Niti Aayog.”


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Which Organizations Have the Most Efficient Buildings?


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Who Else Works on Building Energy Efficiency in India?

Research and Engagement

Appliance Standards




Energy Efficiency Training

fair conditioning

Policy Making


Government Projects


Industry Association




Who in the Indian Government Is Leading India’s Energy Efficiency Drive?


India’s Prime Minister recently announced energy efficiency as one of eight priority / thrust areas and tasked a group of secretaries from different departments to formulate and execute a “grand action plan” to bring about “breakthroughs, rather than incremental change” in energy efficiency.

minister of power

India’s Minister of Power in leading a drive to transition all government buildings in Lutyens Delhi to higher energy efficiency.

niti ceo

Niti Aayog’s CEO plans to offer incentives for construction of energy efficient buildings.

india bureau energy

The erstwhile Director General of India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency has been leading India’s energy efficiency initiatives tirelessly for decades.


The Managing Director of EESL has scaled energy efficiency through various the celebrated LED distribution scheme (UDAY) and is now trying to replicate success with mass procurement programs for fans and agricultural pumps.