Design Engineer


Smart Joules’ Project Design Engineer is responsible for designing best possible energy conservation measures that can deliver min 20 % savings by analyzing energy audit data collected from client site. Design Engineer will responsible for analyzing the feasibility of identified ECMs/selected equipment, payback calculation, vendor handling, preparing techno commercial comparison for selected equipments and month wise saving projects for the designed ECMs. He will be responsible for analyzing heat load with help of software (e.g. HAP).

Location: New Delhi (Base) + Travel

Reporting: Design Engineer will report to the Design Head


  • Passes JouleFit (Core Values assessment).
  • 3+ years of experience covering a mix of energy management, project design (software-based if possible), and project
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Higher in Mechanical / Energy Engineering/
  • Strong knowledge and experience with the design of central air conditioning systems, including working experience with building energy management
  • Strong computer skills (Web Search, Email, Word, Excel, Power Point).
  • Communication: Must speak English and Hindi. Must be able to make effective presentations to a variety of
  • Knowledgeable about products, services, companies and people eliminating energy waste in
  • Knowledgeable about leading quality standards (ISO, ISHRAE, BEE) and certifications (LEED, NABH).


  • Innovation: To look for the innovating energy-saving ideas/improvement in the existing technologies, infrastructure and machines to enhance their efficiency and also cost-effectiveness of the whole.
  • Relationship Management:
    • SJPL Team: Providing meaningful opportunities for members from other SJPL teams to interact with the design team for empathy building and knowledge.
    • Vendors and Subcontractors: Maintaining good relationships with high quality, reliable and cost-effective vendors and contractors with adequate redundancy to ensure smooth functioning of works.
  • ECM Design:
    • Evaluation of energy audit data and formulating ECMs out of it as per the Smart Joules’ list of standard ECMs as well as formulating new ECMs based on the particular observation for each.
    • Finalize ECMs delivering a minimum 20% Energy Saving and maximum 20 month SJPL payback period for every site..
    • Responsible for preparing detailed techno-commercial comparison for major selected equipment (i.e. Chiller, HVAC Pumps, Cooling Towers, 2-way valves and VFD etc.).
  • ECM-wise Saving Projections:
    • ECM-wise monthly projects for all the designs.
  • Documentation:
    • Ensuring timely preparation of ECM notes with intended logic and sharing the same with the site team for client’s approval.
    • Preparation of Design qualifications report for designed ECMs and sharing the same with the site.
    • Regularly documenting and sharing best practices and success stories from all sites with other Regional Operations Managers, Energy Managers and teams in Smart Joules.
    • Responsible for keeping the Central Documentation drive folder updated site-wise with all relevant information.
    • Ensuring timely, accurate and regular sharing of comprehensive information with other SJPL teams to optimize overall company.
  • DeJoule:
    • Discussing and reviewing design intended logic with BMS Design and Commissioning Team to finalize the scope of DeJoule Deployment for the respective site.
    • Sharing Design qualification documents along with the equipment wise technical data sheet with BMS Design and Commissioning.
    • Working closely with Automation and Analytics to develop new Joule recipes for continuous energy.
  • Leadership: Reinforcing the Company’s Mission, Vision and Core Values and ensuring adherence to company policies throughout the operations Leadership responsibilities include:
    • Contributions to improving the company’s culture and policies, and to overall company planning in line with our Mission
    • Coordinating with the HR department for recruitment and induction programs of other team members in Smart Joules, as needed.
    • Training: Planning comprehensive and regular training programs for the operations team and for client teams, participating in the same, and tracking learning and skill levels to ensure continuous improvement and Representing Smart Joules at various industry events.

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