HVAC Site Manager


1. Innovation: Imaging, piloting, and spreading new ways to save energy and serve our clients in pursuit of our Mission and Vision.

2. Relationship Management:

  • SJPL Team: Providing meaningful opportunities for Site Energy Engineers from various sites to interact with each other to build empathy and support.
  • Clients: Keeping client engineering teams updated and satisfied and informed about their own contractual commitments towards Smart Joules.
  • Vendors and Subcontractors: Managing site works of vendors and contractors.

3. Billing:

  • Sharing all accurate information required for billing and monthly reports in a timely manner with the Central Services team.
  • Ensuring Smart Joules’ invoices are submitted on time and to the right people.
  • Resolving all queries of engineering teams related to billing and keeping continuous track of invoice movement within the client team until date of payment.
  • Ensuring Site Energy Engineers stay on top of their billing related responsibilities.

4. Operations:

  • Setting daily energy savings targets based on weekly and monthly targets given by Regional Operations Managers and enabling Site Energy Engineers to drive intended results.
  • Executing periodic audits at our client sites to ensure our ECMs are performing as intended, and with the intention of discovering additional ECMs.
  • Providing constant support to Site Energy Engineers to ensure end-use assets and systems are performing efficiently.

5. Maintenance:

  • Managing execution of maintenance schedules prepared by Regional Operations Manager in coordination with Site Energy Engineers, contractors, vendors, and clients.
  • Handling inventory management at sites efficiently, ensuring availability of critical spares.
  • Ensuring vendors are executing all works under AMCs and Warranties in a timely and high-quality manner.

6. Documentation:

  • Presenting and explaining monthly reports to clients to help them appreciate our work.
  • Maintaining all site documentation as per Smart Joules’ standards.
  • Regularly documenting and sharing best practices and success stories from all sites with other Energy Managers and Site Energy Engineers.

7. DeJoule:

  • Using DeJoule consistently and comprehensively to drive savings.
  • Coordinating with Projects, BMS and Analytics & Automation teams to execute onboarding and regular training programs for Site Energy Engineers and clients.
  • Ensuring Site Energy Engineers use DeJoule consistently and comprehensively.

8. Leadership: Reinforcing the Company’s Mission, Vision and Core Values and ensuring adherence to company policies throughout the operations team. Leadership responsibilities include

  • Contributions to regional planning in line with our goals and plans.
  • Making daily, weekly, and monthly plans for Site Energy Engineers, and managing their day-to-day work.
  • Coordinating with the HR department for recruitment and induction of high-quality Site Energy Engineers and Energy Managers for our team. Helping with induction programs of other team members in Smart Joules, as needed.
  • Training: Helping with execution of regular training programs for the operations team and for client teams.
  • Ensuring proper branding is maintained and all spaces around Smart Joules’ equipment are neat and tidy.


  • At Least 3 years of experience in operations and maintenance in commercial buildings.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.
  • Some experience with operations and maintenance of central air conditioning systems.
  • Capable of making basic energy calculations.
  • Basic computer skills (Web Search, Email, Word, Excel, Power Point) including document preparation.
  • Communication: Must speak English or Hindi (preferably both) and the local language spoken at their site location.

To apply for this job please visit bit.ly.