Sales Operation Executive

Role Vision: To enable the sales team in driving operational excellence by supporting the day-to-day administrational and operational tasks of tracking pre- and post-sales data, managing client relationships, generating leads, and performing a variety of other support functions.

Reporting: The Sales Operations Executive will be reporting to the Head of Business Development.

Overall Responsibilities:

  1. Strategy: To enhance the effectiveness and productivity of our sales by encompassing everything from lead management, and process optimization to data handling.
  2. Team: To collaborate with the Business Development team.
  3. Roles:
    • Enabling sales team by Customer Relationship Building.
    • Data tracking for stakeholders.
    • Report and record sales campaign results.
    • Defining and refining structured sales processes for efficiency.
    • Communicate effectively with sales team and clients.
    • Generating leads and opportunities for sales leaders.
  4. Responsibilities:
    • Supporting the on-field team by measuring and tracking the processes relevant to sales.
    • Keeping client records for follow-ups and customer retention.
    • Building reports for strategic analysis and business review.
    • Keeping a meticulous record of sales operations like negotiations, conversions, closing sales information, etc.
    • Produce and review actionable and accurate sales reporting for reps, managers, sales leaders, and executive team.
    • Defining and refining structured sales processes for efficiency.
    • Managing client proposals, contracts and ensuring follow-ups.
  5. Partnerships: To work in collaboration with the BD team and the client.

The Right Candidate Has:

  • Bachelor of Technology degree required, preferably in Electrical or Mechanical branch.
  • Work experience of 3-5 years in the field of Sales operations and BD.
  • Expertise in end-to-end processes like tracking sales process and conversion rates throughout the sales funnel.
  • Expertise in data collection and documentation. Should be proficient in MS Word, PowerPoint, and MS Excel.
  • Solid understanding of how to effectively leverage and interact with various stakeholders.
  • Strong analytical and liaison skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail, ability to identify key issues and manage an environment of innovation and regular change with the ability to work under stringent deadlines and high pressure.
  • Proven experience in team building and leadership.
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written.
  • Hunger for the defining association of their professional career and is committed to fighting against climate change.
  • Ability to cite specific experiences from their personal life and professional career where they have demonstrated that they can make tough decisions, to fight and win.
  • Humility and collaborative spirit with a deep-seated ambition to have a significant impact at a global scale.

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