Your chiller plant is the largest consumer of energy in your building. You need full-time manpower to operate and maintain it. You need AMCs with various vendors. Your chiller, pumps and cooling towers need frequent repairs and servicing, and oils, greases, chemicals and other consumables. Furthermore, equipment fails without warning, causing headaches for your occupants, processes and engineering team. But why do you even have to worry about chiller plants?
Smart Joules takes all these headaches away from you under our JouleCOOL (Cooling-as-a-Service or “CaaS”) business model. Under JouleCOOL, you only pay for the cooling you actually consume, and leave the rest to us, as we specialize in the design, operation, maintenance and continuous data-based optimization of central chiller plants using our cutting-edge DeJouleTM technology. DeJouleTM comprises a web-based architecture, high-performance IoT hardware, intuitive user interface and a powerful data processing engine configured with energy-saving algorithms (called Joule Recipes) to continuously identify and correct for hidden inefficiencies.
In addition to bottom-line improvements through cost efficiencies, JouleCOOL delivers greater predictability and reliability, a single point of contact for all your chiller plant needs, trouble-free data-based maintenance and boosted reputation as sustainability champions to our clients.

How Does JouleCOOL Work?

  • You fill our standard JouleCOOL questionnaire so that we can assess applicability for your facility.
  • If the collected data indicate promise for JouleCOOL, we visit your site to conduct a quick walkthrough to confirm its applicability and collect any additional information required.
  • We present our JouleCOOL contract for execution, which presents a lower overall cost of cooling (INR/TRh) compared to your existing cost of cooling, and includes the transfer of equipment to you at no cost at the end of the contract period.
  •  After you make the wise decision to sign up for JouleCOOL, our Central Design and Field Engineering teams complete detailed design to transition your chiller plant to the highest levels of efficiency.
  • Our Project Execution and BMS teams implement the complete retrofit project and smart controls at your site, taking necessary shutdowns in coordination with your engineering team as per their convenience.
  • We take complete responsibility of providing chilled water to cover your entire cooling needs and you start enjoying reliable, predictable, hassle-free and economical cooling for your facility.
  • Our Operations and Analytics teams ensure your cooling infrastructure continuously operates at the highest levels of efficiency and offer you a delightful experience.