Problem: Every month you look at your electricity bill and wish it was lower

  • You have ideas of how to reduce energy consumption, but you’re not sure which vendor or service provider you can trust to provide high quality equipment and services at the most competitive rates?
  • You want a technology upgrade in your facility, but a number of the efficiency improvement initiatives you have planned require investment, and compete with your organization’s other priorities for financial resources. As a result, your retrofits don’t get done.
  • You lack deep insight into your energy consumption patterns, spend too much on maintenance and repairs, face frequent complaints from facility occupants, and wish your staff was better equipped to efficiently and reliably operate your facility.
  • You realize that if facilities like yours reduce their energy wastage, your fellow energy poor Indians would have much higher availability and reliability of this critical resource.

Solution: JoulePAYS (Pay-As-You-Save) makes it easy and profitable for you to solve all these issues at once

JoulePAYS offers assessment, development, execution, financing and optimization of a comprehensive retrofit of your building’s energy system under a single pay-as-you-save agreement, so you can save money from day one without taking any financial or technical risk.

JoulePAYS Solution

How it Works

Have a look at our Sant Parmanand Hospital Success Story to know more about how this works and how much energy we were able to save.