Problem: Facilities lack insight into their energy consumption patterns

For most businesses and institutions, energy is a major operating expense, yet few industry leaders have the tools they need to:

  • Understand exactly what is driving monthly energy spend.
  • Prioritize energy efficiency measures and investments.
  • Establish and enforce policies that make the most sense.
  • Take the actions necessary to control the energy cost line item as they would other top operating expenses.

Sample industries that face these issues include Hospitals, Hotels, Commercial real estate, Education, Government and Manufacturing.

Solution: JouleTrack – Smart Joules’ continuous energy management platform

JouleTrack collects, analyses, and displays different data streams in order to give you the actionable information you need to meet your energy management goals. Its cloud-based tools help you manage a significant operating expense, identify opportunities for cost savings, maintain comfortable indoor conditions for occupants and improve your team’s productivity.

This new era of energy management isn’t just about using less or even just about reducing costs; it’s about minimizing your business’ exposure to risk, and aligning your employees and departments around common data and goals in order to improve profitability and stay competitive with your peers.

JouleTrack gives you a level of insight and control that monthly electricity bills can’t. It allows you to:

  • Know what’s driving your energy costs by disaggregating overall consumption by equipment and/or areas.
  • Track actual consumption against your budget for any time period.
  • Improve reliability of operations and track health of your equipment with the help of automated email- or SMS-based alerts in case key parameters (temperature, humidity, reactive power, etc.) deviate from normal values.
  • Use less energy, and spend less money by identifying opportunities from zero-capital measures such as eliminating excessive run hours, load shifting from peak to off-peak times and better operational practices, to deep energy retrofits with the help of our savings analysis engine.
  • Report on key energy information with ease with our data logging and automated reporting features, allowing you to divert staff attention to more critical matters.

How it Works:

Existing or new smart energy meters, building management systems, and other sensors that monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, flow, etc. are connected to Smart Joules’ self-designed hardware on site. The hardware logs collected data and transmits the same over a Wi-Fi connection to our continuous energy management software, which is set up as per your particular requirements. Reports, alerts and alarms can easily be configured by your team for changes over time or managed by Smart Joules’ team for continuous detection of improvement opportunities.


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