Pay-as-you-save Solution
is designed for existing commercial and industrial buildings

Simple to Adopt

Our savings-sharing-based business model integrates design, delivery, and management, making energy-saving simple to adopt.

Zero Investment

Clients don't need to invest in upgrading technology or renewing equipment lifetimes, breaking capex allocation cycles.

Substantial & Guaranteed Profits

We commit to delivering substantial energy savings, directly enhancing profitability for clients and de-risking energy efficiency decision-making.

Ongoing Multidimensional Value Creation

We unlock higher efficiencies with algorithmic operations and data-driven maintenance, ensuring superior quality and reliability through deep visibility and automated alerting.

Typical Contract Term:

7-10 years

Quick facility assessments to evaluate potential energy savings from a pre-curated menu of options

Implementation of finalized energy conservation measures and technology upgrades over nine months to deliver high energy efficiency levels.

Agreement sign-off aligning the interest of both parties towards long-term economic and environmental sustainability

Value engineering, automation and active oversight of operations and maintenance to sustain highly energy efficient performance & client delight

JoulePays, our Pay-as-you-Save solution, enables our customers to reap the dual benefits of energy efficiency: reduced energy bills and lower carbon emissions, without any upfront CAPEX investments.

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